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Video tutorial

Video Tutorials:
Video Tutorials:
Tips about the topic Glasses

Tips about the topic “Glasses”
In our video tutorial, Phil, our “Master of Glasses”

Tutorial 1:
Cleaning Eyeglasses –
Cleaning eyeglass lenses in a jiffy

How to clean your glasses betweentimes

Tutorial 2:
Cleaning Eyeglasses -
Cleaning eyeglass lenses thoroughly

We recommend cleaning your glasses thoroughly once a week and can show you how to do it

Tutorial 3:
Repairing eyewear -
Inserting lenses

By following these instructions, you will be able to reinsert lenses that have dislodged from the frame

Tutorial 4:
Ascertaining the right size –
Which lens width suits me?

For a perfect fit, the right size of your new glasses can not only be ascertained with a good eye

Tutorial 5:
Adjusting your glasses –
An optimal fit on

nose and ears. If required you can adjust many frames by yourself, if you pay attention to a few points

Tutorial 6:
Frame shape –
Which model suits

which face shape. Which face shape suits round or square frames better and you can find out what the Master of Glasses thinks, here

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